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First things first: What does holistic-minded mean? The term holistic can generally be referred to as addressing the whole person, including but not limited to their physical, mental, emotional and social health through natural health philosophies and healing methods.

At Olivet Therapy this is the ethos by which we operate - we're committed to helping you look and feel your best by combining a variation of tried and true holistic modalities from around the world while taking into consideration and supporting the wisdom and natural functions of your body as a whole. 


As such, the services we provide are a bit different than what you might find at a conventional spa or skincare clinic: there are no extraction tools, high-tech machines or fancy acids and serums - just a pair of skilled hands, perhaps with the help of a few naturally sourced tools, along with the use of organic and wildcrafted products - the way nature intended. 

The focus of our studio is providing facial massage and/or techniques that are tailored specifically for you - whether it be for beauty, pain/stress relief or just self care and maintenance, which in return, will positively affect your entire wellbeing.

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